Flower Shops - "Mood Rings"

Written by Ayesha Agarwal

A subconscious stream of images and experiences, dreams involuntarily expose us to a diversity of emotion. Sometimes they bring us painfully close to our worst memories and deepest fears. Other times they create a world of absolute and unadulterated bliss. Regardless of content, dreams always elude consciousness. Upon awakening, the complexities of the experiences are lost, reignited only when we return to that suppressed realm. Flower Shops invokes that subconscious exploration in “Mood Rings,” a fantastical soundscape that comforts despite the incoherence of its individual elements. Lyrics blur into one another, discernible phrases like “whatcha do to me” and “swallows me” occasionally popping out of the garble. The lack of  lyrical intelligibility erodes a concept of time, creating a place without urgency, much like a dream does turns seconds into hours. The melody isn’t easily identifiable and the lyrics are not to be sung to. The track passes by leaving only a vague recollection of what has passed. It enraptures, then disappears.

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