Neo/Garage/Kraut Psychedelic

Original art by Logan Rackear

Written and compiled by Caleb Oldham

Psychedelic music is a term that has come to describe a wide variety of styles. Emerging from folk and blues rock in the 60's as a way of translating the psychedelic experience into music, the word has come to be associated with everything that falls under the umbrella of "trippy." Purists, who trace the origins of psychedelic music to the California garage sound, will cite Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychadelic Era 1965-1968, the 1972 Elektra Records compilation that now enjoys a cult status. Under the influence of Krautrock in the late60's and early 70's, psychedelic began to incorporate more electronic elements, and since then, the scope of the genre has continued to evolve, absorbing traces of shoegaze and dreampop, to form the broad category that we know today. This playlist is just a small sampling of the wide spectrum of sound that the term "psychedelic" has come to encompass.