PC Music +

Written and Compiled by Mark Brathwaite 

Our recent Op-Ed on PC Music coincided comfortably with the April release of the London label’s first in house compilation, PC Music Volume 1. In contribution to the increasingly-dense wall of column space that the label has generated over the past 12 months, this week’s mixtape features an array of tracks produced or remixed by PC Music artists and affiliates. The set begins with DJ Warlord’s “Santa is My Girl,” a shimmering juke-slapper released by the Chicago-based artist collective Priztats as part of Christmas 2.0, a collaborative event/website with PC Music. Other highlights: Danny L Harle remixes Kero Kero Bonito (the Anglo-Japanese video-game-hop band of which labelmate Kane West is a founding member); Lipgloss Twins offer up dizzying, sugar-coated delirium on “Wannabe”; and label founder A.G. Cook lends a commentary on our screen-mediated cultural experience in his remix of DJ DJ Booth’s “Heaven.” Closing things out is Sophie’s “Hard,” one of the most intense, textured, and thoroughly fun club cuts of 2014.