Sound Art

Original Artwork by Amelia Edwards

Within the world of art that is created with sound (and covered on this site), most work tends to fall into the category of music. Musicians typically organize and manipulate sound around certain commonalities: the concepts of rhythm and repetition, defined song structures, established theories of stringing together frequencies. Sound artists, however, try to question and move outside the boundaries and commonalities taken for granted by musicians, allowing music’s rigid form and content to melt away. What is left might not make us tap our feet or sing along, but it can prove equally breathtaking.

This freedom of construction allows for immense diversity and creativity. The pieces chosen for this mixtape use recorded sounds, synthesized sounds, or both; moreover, they vary from highly-composed to completely improvisational, some creating sonic structures that move and evolve, others expressing complex stories and emotions. Enjoy.    

Jesse Silbert