Chill Beats Part 2: Revenge of the Chill

Written by Caleb Oldham, compiled with Jesse Silbert

Original art by Amelia Edwards

The success of the original Chill Beats playlist has only reinforced my initial hunch that downtempo, jazz-inspired beats were what SoundCloud was originally intended for.

Rock n' Roll has its place on Bandcamp, where sounds are influenced by the 60's. Chill Beats, on the other hand, are found on SoundCloud, where sounds are directly sampled from the 60's.

A good number of articles that are written these days read: "mixing the modern with the vintage" or something of the like. Rock is in a weird rut where everyone wants to sound like "All I Wanna Do" by The Beach Boys, but no one wants to admit it. Indulgence in nostalgic tendencies could mean the death of the genre. Chill Beats, on the contrary, reject the hesitation surrounding nostalgia and fully delve into a fuzzy, romantic world covered in a sheet of vinyl static warmth, supported by a clumsy drum kit that manages to trip over its own feet in a perfectly infectious manner. This certainly isn't a sign of progress; it's more like a willful dispelling of Rock's current insecurities.