Tasty Morsels Guest Mix

By Tasty Morsels

here is a mix of musics some of us sometimes listen to, but not always, which are inspiring, though not necessarily to us. our main influence is each other. jams here picked by some of the people from the excellent projects, ‘fruit salad’ and ‘sad eyes’ and friends. try to have a nice day always.

sad eyes - own-up (unreleased / morsels 2015)
lucky dragons - mirror friends (from ‘dream island laughing language’, 2008)
doctor oetker - fatsia japonica ii (unreleased / morsels 2014/5)
white noise - love without sound (from ‘an electric storm’, 1969)
jonwayne - andrew (from ‘bowser’, 2011)
tofu - green river iv (unreleased / morsels 2015)
yasuaki shimizu - semitori no hi (from ‘kakashi’, 1982)
jerry paper - everything is shitty (from ‘international man of misery’, 2013)
bwengo - secondarny (from ‘tasty morsels, vol. 2’, 2014)
sad eyes - stranger (unreleased / morsels 2015)