Mac Attack: Songs That Sound Like Mac Demarco

Original Artwork by Amelia Edwards

By Caleb Oldham

2014 was the year of Mac, and although his brand of chorus-drenched, warbly vinyl, chilled out slacker rock is not without its influences, most would agree he's got his own "sound". Something about this genre (jizz jazz, blue wave, what have you) is grabbing the attention of youngsters all across the country, which is why I predict that in 2015 we'll be seeing an army of mini-Macs armed with Fender Vibrochamps, lo-fi surf tones and dad clothes. 

It's important to remember that when an individual like Mac Demarco rises to success he's almost certainly coming from a pod of creative people all doing a similar thing. That's why on this list you see HOMESHAKE, fronted by Mac's old guitarist, and Alex Calder, who was in a band with Demarco back in 2010 called Makeout Videotape. Although both Calder and HOMESHAKE's tunes are very different in their own ways they can't escape the comparisons by association. 

In the end, music is ripping other people off in your own way. Mac does it, and you can too!