Rare Candy is a music magazine based in New York City that focuses on exposing underground music and visual art culture. 

We publish weekdays online, as well as issuing quarterly print issues and hosting showcases throughout NYC. 

Contact info: 

General inquiries: editors@rarecandy.org
Booking: booking@rarecandy.org
Submissions: submissions@rarecandy.org

Please send all music submissions and press information to our submissions@rarecandy.org inbox. We receive a high volume of music on a daily basis, and it helps just about everyone if they're properly sorted out and organized.

Writing pitches: Send us your pitch along with a writing sample to editors@rarecandy.org. Alternatively, we accept draft submissions in .doc or .pdf format. If you want a copy of our house style guide in advance of, or while writing, a piece, email editors@.


Editor in Chief
Lena Nelson

Caleb Oldham

Senior Editors
Lena Nelson
Tatiana Becerra


 Mark Brathwaite      Josh Sudman 

       Illustrators           David Finley Busch
Eric Hernandez
Jamie Knoth
Maya Lin-Bronner
Willa McDonald
Casey McSherry
Rachel Ng
     Logan Rackear      Anna Kaplan

Staff Writers
Ben Bieser
Susanna De Martino
Maurice Marion
Jesse Silbert               Luis Collado           Lena Nelson                   Zach Calluori

Contributing Writers
      Tatiana Becerra                Grace Grim        Cassidy Leverett
Arielle Couglin
Margaret Farrell   Caleb Oldham Kyeongjoo Michelle Min 

Event Management Cassidy Leverett  

Susanna De Martino
Josh Sudman